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The all-Ceramic System for the restorations

Unlike conventional metal-ceramic restoration system, the all-ceramic restorations from the Golden Gate System of Degussa Dental Germany, give us new achievements:

  • Higher flexural strength-less likely to fracture.
  • Increased strength through wear in the oral cavity-longer term durability.
  • Softer surface-improved compatibility with the oral environment.
  • Less plaque accumulation-improved tissue compatibility.
  • Nature look-restores the natural beauty of the smile.
  • Genuine opalescence-looks like natural teeth even in the sun.
  • Natural fluorescence-can not be detected under black lights.


ParaPost System--For broken tooth strengthen.

ParaPost of Coltene Swiss is recognized as the standard for safe, versatile and effective posts. The newest addition to the ParaPost family fills the need in esthetic dentistry for a highly retentive, metal-free, parallel-sided, passive post system.


Attachemnt is a precision connector made up of two or more parts. One part is connected to a root, a tooth or an implant. The other part to an artificial prosthesis, and is used to provide mechanical connection between the two. For the most part attachments take the place of damaging clasp arms but can also be used to retain full or partial dentures on root anchors carrying studs or bars. Unilateral or bilateral free-end dentures and fixed bridgework, partial dentures, overdentures are indicated for attachment designing.



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