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Telescopic Denture-Protecting your Remaining teeth

Periodontitis is a dreaded oral disease that causes the gums to recede, loosening teeth, and eventually leading to loss of teeth.
Telescopic denture is the new technique to restore new teeth for the periodontal patients. It consists of a double crown system know as "the telescopic", the procedure involves fitting the remaining natural teeth with inner metal crowns, followed by outer crowns as part of an over denture that can be removed by the patient. This technique ensures that bite stress is distributed evenly between each tooth, protecting the remaining teeth and the end result looks quite natural.
Telescopic denture involves a complicated procedure that includes root canal therapy of each tooth, and the insertion of a metal post (pin) into the root canal to strengthen the root for the support required.
This technique is also suitable for cases of missing back molars.

Porcelain Veneers and Polymer Ceramic Veneers:

Porcelain Veneer is the advanced dental technique of creating a beautiful covering for stained, discolored and odd shaped teeth, it matches the natural color of teeth for a perfect, seamless, radiant and fracture-resistant finish. It is considered the ideal solution to most cosmetic dental problems.
Polymer Ceramic Veneer is similar in manner to porcelain veneer, the ceramic filled hybrid composite resin, can form a natural color match and a porcelain like appearance by a simple lab operation. This could be a popular choice due to its low material costs.

Sparkling Diamond Bonding--A fun fashion look!

Vivadent Dental Diamonds are especially designed to bond to the teeth. Popular with fashion-conscious teenagers, they give an added sparkle to smiles.

Usually placed on the surface of the upper central incisor, the small diamonds can be removed or exchanged with different shapes or colors without damage to the tooth. For more details, call 64660928.



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